All our terminals are equipped with ultra-modern facilities to achieve more efficient and profitable work and development.

Rotterdam terminal

Rotterdam terminal Port 2004, "Starooskol'skaya Neftebaza started its bunkering operation in the port of Rotterdam using its own bunkering vessel with the dead-weight of 45 000 m3 and 66 000 m3. "Starooskol'skaya Neftebaza Tank Farm has the storage capacity of 591 000 m3 in 13 tanks, ranging from 10 000 to 45 000 m3 which are suitable for the storage of class 3 and 4 liquids such as fuel oil, gas oil and other crude v products. "Starooskol'skaya Neftebaza in Rotterdam is able to receive crude oil and oil product from pipeline, railway tank- cars, and sea tankers, the terminal is equipped with ultra-modern facilities for handling of a wide range of liquid bulk products, heating, nitrogen blanketing & customs facilities, loading/unloading and blending of oil products, tank storage facilities of storing all kind of oil products. Vladivostok PortIn 2002

Vladivostok terminal

"Starooskol'skaya Neftebaza oil terminal in Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port in Russia, commerce it operation with its ultra-modern technologies in oil tanker bunkering, tank gauging and calculation and loading/unloading oil product from the railway and tank-cars in the ports of Vladivostok, and other ports within Black Sea region. "Starooskol'skaya" Neftebaza conducts it storage and transportation services with reputable local, private and state-owned companies in Russia and abroad. "Starooskol'skaya Neftebaza started his bunkering activities in the port of Vladivostok and it environment, even on road-stead with its own modern bunkering vessels with the dead-weight of 16 353 tonnes to 47 495 tonnes in Vladivostok, Rotterdam, and Houston port.

Houston terminal

Our terminals store and handle petroleum products, chemicals and other products. We have a combined liquids storage capacity of approximately 152 million barrels and handle about 53 million tons of dry bulk materials annually. Key assets include large liquids terminals on the Houston Ship Channel and in New York Harbor, Los Angeles Harbor and Edmonton, Alberta. We also own Jones Act product tankers that are engaged in the marine transportation of crude oil, condensate and refined products in the United States.