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Our Services

Storage & transhipment services Starooskol'skaya Neftebaza Terminals offers storage in varying tank sizes and equipment. Tanks are in: mild, coated and stainless steel.

Capacities range from 30 m³ to 8300 m³

All tanks are suitable for a very wide variety of products:

  1. chemicals
  2. mineral oils
  3. biofuels
  4. jet fuel And diesels virgin oil
  5. Petrochemical
  6. base oils

The terminal has 8 berths for seagoing vessels, it also offers 4 dedicated berths for barges. The terminal is connected to rail so separate railcars or blocktrains can be handled. Over the terminal there are many locations for loading and discharging of tank trucks, tank containers and flexitanks.
For direct transhipment and lay by berths Starooskol'skaya Neftebaza Terminals offers the ultimate in flexibility thanks to its excellent quayside accessibility.